FOR SALE: 6x6 Off-Grid Expedition Truck ($116,000)

FOR SALE: 6x6 Off-Grid Expedition Truck ($116,000)


FOR SALE: 6x6 Off-Grid Expedition Truck ($116,000)


“Our journey has come to an end and we are selling our dream truck, our MAN KAT 6×6 expedition truck. The price is fixed at $116,000.”

After spending two years traveling through Europe and Africa in this incredible 6×6 MAN KAT1 adventure vehicle, the owners are putting it up for sale. They’re looking for a family or couple who would like to live off-grid, independent and free, safe and borderless. The truck is nicknamed “Sullivan” and may have a rough outer appearance but has a much softer character on the inside. It can hold almost 500 liters of clean water, solar energy and 800 liters (175 gal) of fuel and easily support an off-grid expedition for 14 days. Price: $116,000. Take the video tour, find full details below: 

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the price is fixed at € 95,000

Mankat 1A1 7T-mil

build 1986

Permanent 6×6 wheel drive

DEUTZ engine V8-12 liter KHD, BF 513C

Air cooled, Twin-Turbo

265 kw / 360 HP

Weight 16200 KG

KM 378000

8 Gears (2×4) + automatic hydraulic torque convertor

3 / 4  seats in front.

Registered as Campervan in The Netherlands

Length: 10.2meter

Hight: 3.9 meter

Width : 2.35 meter

Dieseltank left : 65x60x102 = 397 liter

Dieseltank Right 60x60x115 = 414 liter

total: 811 liter Diesel / 175 Gallon

Use : about 28L per 100 km / 1L per 3,5 KM)

Winch : Hydraulic spindelwinch Treibmatic 080

7Ton / 14 Ton (double)

aprox. 35 meter cable

winch able to Front,  back and to the right side.

Hydraulic Cabin Tilting system

2 rooftop tents (eezi-awn) for 2 persons each.

2 double beds + 1 single bed

Corner-kitchen with 3 pits build-in propane cooker


Toilet (Thetford Porta Potti Excelence)

Fridge : Indel B 130liter with freezer compartment. 42Watt

Watertank: 460 Liter

Grey watertanks (3) aprox. 200 liter

Gas-bottle : Propane

Outdoor kitchen unit with 2 pits and oven (Propane)

Heaters:  Trumatic Dieselpowered heater

  Trumatic E4000 Propane/Butan gas heater

3 skylights for a lot of daylight.

lots of storage

Separate garage compartment in the back, 1m20 wide

3 x 110 Ah AGM CPC 110-12 Batteries for living unit (12Volt system)

400 Watt Solarpanels

500Watt convertor 12v to 230 Volt

Victron Battery monitor System 712 SMART

Victron Battery Protector (switch off at low power)

Bicycle rack for 3 bicycles, to be lowered by handwinch.

2 Spare tires (one in storage) Pirelli & Michelin

Tires Back : Pirelli Pista PS 22 / 14.00 R20 (2020)

Front : Michelin X14.00 R20 XZL (2018)

4 special winches to lift up and remove the living unit in storage in Italy.

Living unit can be easily separated from the truck (1 person, 45min job)

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