Canada’s economy has taken a huge toll after major lockdowns cause by Covid-19, and a border closure with the United States over the past year. An example of this is the Wapiti Valley Ski and Board Park in the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan. They were unable to open this past season over Covid-19 business restrictions and had their season cut short in 19-20 over the same issue. Because of no cash flows for over the past year, they have started a GoFund Me in order to save their hill.

Operating since 1985, Wapiti Valley Ski and Board Park has been a staple in Saskatchewan, but it is far away from most cities in the province. For example: Saskatoon is nearly and a half hours away, Regina is three and a half hours away, while the closest hub, Prince Albert, is less than ninety minutes drive away. The hill has only about 15 runs, a terrain park, and is sometimes open for night skiing. Most terrain is either beginner or intermediate, but there a couple advanced runs. The lifts compose of a quad chairlift and a magic carpet. Because of it’s location on Codette Lake and the North Saskatchewan River, summer activities include boating, fishing, swimming. Other activities include camping and ATV trails.

This is shockingly not the only ski area in Canada that is currently going through a GoFundMe campaign. Pheonix Ski Hill is also aiming to raise $125,000 Canadian dollars to replace their Snowcat that crapped out in the middle of the 20-21 winter season, among other improvements. Both ski areas are struggling to raise money, as Wapiti has only raised around $700 Canadian dollars, while Pheonix Ski Hill has only gotten a little over $10,000 Canadian dollars from over a month of fundraising. If you are looking to help out some ski areas for our friendly neighbors up north, please consider donating.

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