“First of all I bought a crazy crazy bike. It was basically a motorcycle with an electric engine.” -Simon Cowell

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t noticed, e-bikes are all the rage in the cycling world but buyers beware because they’re not all created equally from a safety standpoint. Case in point, Simon Cowell’s experience with a massively overpowered E-Bike that he got tossed off and ended up shattering his spine. He describes it is a motorcycle with an electric engine and believes he should have been wearing a full-face helmet and leathers before hopping on the saddle. Less than a year after, the 60-year-old host of America’s Got Talent is back on an e-bike but has learned his lesson and went for a ride with a lot less horsepower.  Cowell went on TMZ to explain the difference between the two models and has some advice for those looking to pick up an e-bike. Be careful folks, some of these bikes pack a punch:

images from swind.lifeuk FB