“Listen closely for the orcas celebrating a successful hunt.”

Stunning footage of approximately 60-80 orca pack hunting 50ft juvenile blue whale in Bremer Canyon off the coast of Western Australia.  The drone footage was taken by SharkyAerials onboard with Naturaliste Charters when savage scene played out:
“Still hard to believe I was able to witness one of the rarest and rawest natural spectacles, when approx 60-80 orca successfully hunted down a juvenile blue whale. It’s never easy to watch any natural predation, but you couldn’t help but be in awe of the orcas teamwork and intelligence.
They herded the blue whale from water 1000m deep up onto the continental shelf to water around 80m deep. I think the orca could have drowned the blue sooner, but in every hunt witnessed at the Bremer Canyon they wait until the blue is in shallow water (relatively speaking). It’s far easier to dive for your food in 80m than 1000m.
More blues have been seen recently including a mother and very new calf, but these blues have hugged the coast well away from the offshore waters of the canyon.”

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