“Tenkara is a simplified version of fly fishing that uses just a rod , line, tippet, and fly. There is no reel in Tenkara. It originated in Japan and has since been popularized worldwide. What makes Tenkara so amazing is how portable the rods are, they all pack down to around 20 inches; and how easy it is to learn to fish.”

Tenkara Rod Co. out of Idaho isn’t the first to produce these simplified Japanese fly rods but they have spent years working hand in hand with some of the best rod makers in Japan to perfect their product. The latest result has been a smash hit on Kickstarter that blew past their funding goal of $20,000 with $113,076 pledged and another 6 days left on the campaign. The concept is simple, the execution is flawless. Bit like heading down to the river with a wand in your pocket to experience the magic of fishing. A full package will set you back $295. Unlike many Kickstarter projects, there won’t be a massive lapse placing an order and receiving the product (ships June 2021). Highly suggest comparison shopping similar setups before making the buy but The Yari seems like a winner out of the box. Check out the pitch video and explore purchase options HERE.

 The Yari is the culmination of 8 years selling Tenkara rods, and a nod to the origins of Tenkara in Japan.  We wanted to make a rod with a carbon/fiberglass blend because it makes the casting so smooth.  But adding too much fiberglass can weigh it down, this felt like the perfect proportion to having an extremely smooth casting rod while still keeping it at 2.4 ounces.


Tenkara Rod Co.

Driggs, ID: We are from Idaho and love the outdoors and fishing. Fishing is a super fun hobby that also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. We discovered the Tenkara method some time ago and have been working on making these rods for the past year. With some success, we can share our passion for fishing with everyone on KickStarter and hopefully give people a new hobby.

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