Much Ado About Frozen Fluffy Feelings

Much Ado About Frozen Fluffy Feelings


Much Ado About Frozen Fluffy Feelings



       Snow, the pseudo-solid, pseudo-liquid result of the deposition phase change of water in nature (not that other kind naughty naughty), is pretty awesome. Everyone loves it. Even people who self-identify as hating it love it, because the next thing they always tell you is about that time they got so cold and wet from playing in the snow. In the U.S. alone snow tourism generates an estimated $20 billion/year.

     Whether it’s the serene scene of snow falling under a street lamp, an impromptu projectile weapon cast from a mischievous companion, the building blocks for a secret hide-away, or an insulating medium to jade and lubricate the sharp edges of a wild alpine arena; snow empowers, entrances, and inspires all people with a sublime wonder. There is undoubtedly a duality, as a natural force it is capable of outright halting travel and transit. Like fire, it can quickly inflict horrific injuries and even death when not given the proper respect. However, nothing transgresses a group of ridged squares to the state of giddy, clumsy, and slobbering childlike playful-bliss like the cold crystalline dihydrogen monoxide.

     Maybe it’s nostalgia, that sight of a field or forest meadow draped under and accentuated by a pristine white blanket puts us back in that semi-waterproof hand-me-down jacket, charging out the front door to explore the new world on a snow-day. Maybe it’s the subconscious symbol of renewal of the seasons and the fresh start. Maybe it’s the romance, the unexplainable and unrelenting law of attraction. Unofficial Networks wants to know what your favorite memory or thing is about snow. Comment and tag your favorite snow-hater (with this virtual snowball) while you’re at it.

Featured Image by Victoria Lin

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