I’m speechless after watching this video for the first time. I really can’t even muster the words to explain just how insane the skiing is in this almost 6 minute clip.

So rather than give a summary I’ll just ask some questions that I’d really like the answers to:

  1. How?
  2. Is Jesper Tjader mentally sane?
  3. But, really how was any of this even possible?
  4. How much money does it cost to build these features?

Okay. I’ll let you enjoy it from here.

The Audi NinesWith the stoke level cranked to 11 and creativity hitting new heights, this year’s session was one to remember. We’re proud to present the Audi Nines 2021 Ski Mixtape!

Enjoy the show and stay tuned for more content coming your way in the upcoming days!”