Full Tilt Debuts 'Growth Spurt' Boot With Adjustable Sizes

Full Tilt Debuts 'Growth Spurt' Boot With Adjustable Sizes


Full Tilt Debuts 'Growth Spurt' Boot With Adjustable Sizes


Full Tilt is now selling a ski boot that aims to solve a nagging problem for skiing families across the country- growing feet.

The new ‘Growth Spurt’ boot is a children’s ski boot that has three adjustable sizes to accommodate your growing kid. Pretty neat.

Check out the full specs for the boot below.

Full Tilt- Growth Spurt

DESCRIPTION: An adjustable ski boot, the Full Tilt Growth Spurt is the boot that grows with your kid. Gone are the days are trying to rent gear for a season before your kid grows out of it. With the growth spurt, you can adjust the boot as your kids’ feet grow.

The boot is available in two sizes, small and large, with each allowing for three extra sizes of adjustment. Complete with a ribbed tongue that will open to 90 degrees to make them incredibly easy to put on, pick up the growth spurt and create some lifelong lasting memories with your little one.



WEIGHT/PER (G): 982 (Small) 1,272 (Large)

BUCKLE TYPE: Alum. Ladder

PRICE: $149.99

Seems like this is the perfect boot for every ski kid in the world.

I remember my parents stressing about buying new boots for me each season, or having to fork over a bunch of money to rent.

That problem would be virtually eliminated with the Growth Spurt, at least for a couple of seasons.

Now Full Tilt needs to make an adjustable boot for pre-teens 😆

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