Volcom published a new movie titled ‘GAMBARO’ to their YouTube channel last week. The video is a testament to the unmatched powder and terrain that can be found throughout Hokkaido, Japan.

Watching these riders slash effortlessly through feet of untouched powder has me wanting to try snowboarding all of a sudden.

Skiing pow is an unreal feeling, but I imagine snowboarding it is a unique experience in its own right.

Well done Volcom and Veeco Productions on an excellent film!

Volcom:Volcom Presents a Down For This production ‘Gambaro’ a short film following Volcom Snow Team riders Pat Moore, Takaharu Nakai, Arthur Longo, Ruiki Masuda and Torgeir Bergrem through deep powder filled forests and fun-filled resorts on Japan’s magical island of Hokkaido.

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