Wildhorn's New Snow Shoes Are Just What You Need for the Backcountry

Wildhorn Outfitters

Wildhorn's New Snow Shoes Are Just What You Need for the Backcountry


Wildhorn's New Snow Shoes Are Just What You Need for the Backcountry


Lead Photo Credit: Wildhorn Outfitters

One of the unexpected side effects of the Coronavirus pandemic has been the increased participation in outdoor activities. With people not used to being stuck at home as much as they have been they got stir crazy rather quickly. In the summer it was biking, stand up paddle boarding and even walking became their outlet.

Winter Participation Activities See Huge Growth

Wildhorn Outfitters Snowshoes

Photo Credit: Wildhorn Outfitters

Similarly, the winter has seen a surge in outdoor sports. Skiing and riding, not only at resorts but also in the backcountry, has blossomed. So too has snowshoeing. Inexpensive and less technical than skiing and snowboarding it can be appealing to more people. It also provides an alternative way to climb the mountain when backcountry skiing or boarding.

“Snowshoeing is a much more affordable way to get some exercise and enjoy trails in the winter. The number of people taking up snowshoeing or spending more time on shoes has increased exponentially as a sport that allows you to spend time outdoors in a safe and distanced environment, while providing strong cardio and full-body exercise,” Wildhorn Outfitters CEO Mark Thomas said.

Wildhorn Outfitters Adapt With New High-Performance Snowshoe Line

As a response to this unforeseen growth in snowshoeing, Wildhorn Outfitters, an outdoor technology company that designs and manufactures recreational products for retail customers, is introducing a new, high-performance line of snowshoes. An evolution of Wildhorn’s original Sawtooth snowshoe design, Delano X2 has enhanced features to create a more lightweight, durable, and accessible shoe for all levels of snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing has long been used by the Inuit and other Native Americans as their preferred method of movement around the Arctic. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that snowshoes go back as far as 6000 years to areas in present-day Central Asia. That said, Wildhorn’s new Delano X2 are a far cry from the wood and animal skin versions of the past.

Wildhorn Delano X2

Photo Credit: Wildhorn Outfitters

“We’ve developed a design in the Delano X2 that elevates the snowshoe experience and provides a smooth, comfortable and well supported trek,” says Thomas. We re-designed every feature to give you the best gear experience possible.”

Key Features of the Wildhorn Delano X2

The Wildhorn Delano X2 Snowshoe is built with cold-resistant thermoplastic resin on the front decking. This new material is lighter, stronger, and creates more surface area on the deck. What does this mean for you? It’s simple. You’ll feel like you’re floating rather than trudging through the snow.

Wildhorn Delano X2

Photo Credit: Wildhorn Outfitters

The binding is completely redesigned with a new quick-release cinch binding, it is easier to take on and off without sacrificing any support.  The electroplated steel crampon and steel heel riser were also upgraded, giving Delano X2 better traction and support when climbing. This key feature among others is something that skiers and snowboarders will most certainly appreciate while hiking off piste.

So whether you are looking for a new outdoor winter activity or a new pair of snowshoes to get you to the summit, Wildhorn’s new Delano X2 are just what you need.


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