Gondolas Are The Next COVID Dining Craze

Gondolas Are The Next COVID Dining Craze


Gondolas Are The Next COVID Dining Craze


Featured Image Courtesy: Mountain Tap Brewery- Steamboat Springs, CO

[Photo: Michael Mowery/courtesy The Gondola Shop]

‘Ski gondolas are the next big winter dining craze’, according to Fast Company. *COVID-19 consequence explanation incoming*

Ski resort eateries and privately-owned restaurants are turning to old gondola cars as an attractive, socially-distant, and easily cleanable solution to indoor dining regulations amidst COVID-19.

Dominique Bastien, owner of The Gondola Shop, purchased close to 200 gondola cars over the last few years. She planned to convert them for private use in people’s yards. Then, the pandemic hit.

Bastien says that she has been contacted by over 50 restaurants across America, and that each gondola car sells in a range of $14k-$20k.

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Meal inside a gondola car at Mountain Top Brewery- Steamboat Springs, CO

The biggest purchaser has been the town of Mountain Village, CO. They purchased 25 gondola cars and placed them around town for various restaurants to use.

Something to always remember the pandemic by. Gondola cars sitting outside random pizza joints across America. *U..!S..!A..!*

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