Courtesy: Ylläs

Have you ever ridden a gondola and thought to yourself,

“WOW this view is great! I just wish I could experience it sweating profusely and dry heaving.”? 

Well weirdo, you’re in luck.

The Sauna Gondola, located at Ylläs Ski Resort in Lapland, Finland, is the cream of the crop when it comes to weird ski resort luxuries. It’s a 4-person gondola car that costs over $1,500 USD for a 20 minute ride!

The gondola is outfitted with a single 3-4 person sauna car that runs after the mountain closes for skiing.

Guests take a 20 minute round-trip in what I like to call the, “flying hot room of wealthy people”, and are returned to the spa for further treatments, use of the outdoor hot tub, and more.

The full Sauna Gondola experiences costs a whopping 1350€ (~$1,615 USD). Damn. 

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Courtesy: Finnmark Sauna

Ylläs Gondola Stats

Make: Dopplemayer

Type: 8 person gondola lift (1 four-person sauna cabin)

Year of Construction: 2007

Length: 6,608′

Vertical: 1,408′

Speed: 6m/s (~13 mph)

Capacity: 2,000 people per hour

Courtesy: Ylläs

How far will they take gondola luxury next?

Here are my Top 5 Dream Custom Luxury Gondola Experiences:

I got a little *creative* on this one 😆
  1. Full-service bar (obvious choice)
  2. Massage chairs
  3. Urinal
  4. HD TV with Wi-Fi
  5. Water fountain

Would you be willing to shell out $1,600 USD to ride up a Finnish ski resort gondola turned sauna?