Featured Image Courtesy: KGMI

According to snow report data posted on OpenSnow, Mt. Baker Ski Area has been getting hammered over the last week.

Up to 84 inches (7 feet) of snow has blanketed the area in the last 8 days, and another 4-5 feet of snow is forecasted over the next 10 days!

Mt Baker Ski Area - Mountain Review - A walk and a lark

Seems like the PNW is the only region benefitting from La Niña, so far. Mt. Baker is reporting a 145″ base, while resorts across Utah and Colorado are suffering. Alta is reporting a 39″ base, and Arapahoe Basin is sitting at 33″.

Check out these photos posted to Instagram of people ripping up the pow at Mt. Baker Ski Area over the last week. Looks like storm skiing is the norm for this season at Baker!

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