Memes That Will Make Your Day

Memes That Will Make Your Day


Memes That Will Make Your Day


Need a pick-me-up to get the day going?

Check out the funniest memes, with some added commentary by yours truly, posted to r/skiing in the last month.

These are sure to get you laughing.

Especially when your waiting for a decent base from skiing

We’re all Pablo this year. Staring into the void hoping for snow!

I guess it’s time to replace the classic blue swix from skiing

“Bend it back. I’m not buying you another set of poles.” -Every ski dad ever.

Ski companies hate this one trick to increase rocker! from skiing

Genius. I’ve been wanting to add more rocker to my skis for years, but just couldn’t figure out how. Thank god for the internet.

Sometimes I really identify with Wile E. Coyote. from skiing

Hold up a dang minute… Is Wile E. Coyote onto something here? *Files for patent immediately*

Just got new skis and recently saw the box format for the first time. Match made in heaven. from skiing

Meme relatability score: 10/10.

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