Name That Trail Map! Can You Guess Them All?

Name That Trail Map! Can You Guess Them All?


Name That Trail Map! Can You Guess Them All?


If you’re not following the legendary ski artist @JamesNiehues on social media yet, what are you even doing…?

The artist regularly posts non-descript pictures of his trail maps and asks his social media followers to guess the resort.

I figured we could play a similar game here at Unofficial Networks.

I’ve included 10 trail maps from across The United States and Canada. I’ve obscured obvious clues to make it a little more challenging. I’ve also added clues to each map to help.

The answer key can be found here. Don’t look until after you’ve made your guesses! Have fun, can you get them all right without cheating?

Map #1: Highly-conductive metal

Map #2: Name, Noggin

Map #3: German for “Swiss”

Map #4 Hint: If you can, you should.

Map #5: To pack or store away.

Map #6: The largest ski resort in the US.

Map #7: Melancholy, mountain

Map #8: Host to 1980 Winter Olympics downhill events

Map #9: Bright, beautiful, glorious, Colorado?

Map #10: “Have fun storming the ____”

How many did you get right? Share on your socials! Answer Key Here.

By the way, I HIGHLY  recommend purchasing Niehues’ book- The Man Behind The MapIt’s quite possibly the best collection of ski trail maps ever assembled. Check out my review here.

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