Jackson Waiter Gets $5,000 Tip on $52 Meal

Jackson Waiter Gets $5,000 Tip on $52 Meal

Jackson Hole

Jackson Waiter Gets $5,000 Tip on $52 Meal


A waiter in Jackson got quite a surprise last Monday after running the card of a customer who just finished off a $52 meal….a $5,000 tip. That’s a 9,730% gratuity! The Buckrail reports Rob Pitts was his server and this to say about the guy:

“He was a really engaging guy. Awesome right off the bat. First thing, he asked my name and introduced himself and the lady with him. He referred to me by name the rest of the meal. Just a genuine guy who treated me well. That guy was just so engaging. He showed a genuine interest. You work harder for someone like that.”

Pitts won’t speculate on who the man was, though clues from the ticket would indicate millionaire Jack Selby, a part-time Jackson Hole resident and former PayPal exec. Pitts described the man was dressed well in a Shooting Star polo and chewing on a golf tee.

“I don’t think his coming to The Bird [to do this] was a mistake. I think he knows The Bird. I think he knows it is a real place where longtime locals live and work and gather.”

As for the individual windfall for Pitts…that’s not the way they do things at The Bird. Servers pool their tips. Always. Period.

“We split it evenly. Not even a conversation. Serving at The Bird is a team sport.”


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