“In the mountains behind the sleepy coastal town of Powell River, BC, a small group of rock climbers has spent decades quietly pioneering routes on some of the largest granite walls in Canada. As the last stands of old-growth trees harbored in these valleys come under threat of logging, the climbing community faces the uncertain future of a place that has come to define their lives and legacies.”

What would you do if business interests started encroaching on your favorite outdoor recreation area and threatened irreversible damage? Guessing you’d fight like hell and that’s just what this group of B.C. climbers did when the valleys they’d been cultivating routes in for decades came in the crosshairs of loggers. In the end can the revenue generated by saving the forests really outweigh the revenue of harvesting them? Quality film, highly suggest watching the whole thing:

“Confronted with the decision to fight for these last ancient trees and potentially lose access or look away as the valley is stripped for timber, On The Verge is a snapshot of outdoors culture in British Columbia. The way we reconcile industries that give us access to the wilderness with the destruction they cause. The desire to protect our backyard but keep it for ourselves at the same time. The importance of these places to the people who have shaped them and been shaped by them in return.”


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