David Lesh has once again found himself on the wrong side of the law after posting a viral photo last weekend that shows him walking on a log in the middle of Hanging Lake. CBS4 reports Lesh appeared in front of a judge yesterday for trespassing on the lake which the United States Forest Service prohibits due to its sensitive nature. Lesh owns the clothing store Virtika and the shop shared a photo of Lesh walking on a log in the middle of Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon which has since been removed. It is not clear whether Lesh will face punishment, and if so to what degree but he is clearly not remorseful judging by this video he posted to Instagram:


“We are aware of the social media posts related to Hanging Lake. We take this seriously and our law enforcement is investigating. We appreciate all the concern and information we have received from the public about this case.” -U.S. Forest Service 



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