Pit Viper Takes On Motorsports With "Grand Prix"

Pit Viper Takes On Motorsports With "Grand Prix"


Pit Viper Takes On Motorsports With "Grand Prix"


“Start your engines, Pit Viper is here to blow your doors off again.”

Pip Viper has been the most trusted brand of skier specific sunglasses since Fast Five hit the theaters but has recently seen a surge in non-alpine related arenas including ppe for essential workers, hungover zoom conferencing and professional wrestling (Gronk Wrestlemania). Now they’re taking on the world of motorsports.  We happy to introduce you to Pit Viper’s new line of shades “GRAND PRIX”. Vroom Vroom:

What makes the Grand Prix different, you ask?

  1. Fashion, duh. Look at them. 

  2. Safety. They come with an ANSI Z87+ safety rating. That means you can wear them welding, handling chemicals, forklifting, skiing, biking and zoom conferencing.

  3. Customizableability. They have neat removable and replaceable Side Pieces™ to make your friends jealous.

  4. Price. At $49, these are the most accessible Pit Vipers money can buy.

We’ve released 6 styles:

  • The Windsurfing

  • The Drive

  • The Aerobics

  • The Reno

  • The Dolce Vita

  • The Slipstream




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