California Ski Resort (Mt. Baldy) Reopens For Skiing

California Ski Resort (Mt. Baldy) Reopens For Skiing


California Ski Resort (Mt. Baldy) Reopens For Skiing


Mt. Baldy ski resort in California is the first ski resort in the United States to officially reopen following the COVID-19 lockdown. Mt. Baldy closed on March 20th and has remained closed since quarantine measures were implemented by the state of California.

The decision was made following the reopening of golf courses in both Riverside County and Orange County in southern California.

We are taking the COVID-19 crisis very seriously. Mt Baldy Resort is a unique all season mountain resort and is well designed to accommodate social distancing guidelines. In addition, we are implementing several policy changes that will help to ensure the safety and health of our guests and staff. Similar to how a golf course operates Mt Baldy will check-in a maximum of 4 individuals at 10 minute intervals. 1 Day Alpine Ticketed guests will have access to Lift #2 and #3 from that time until closing. In stark contrast to a golf course (150 acres), Mt Baldy Resort (800 acres) has more than 4x the area and will be operating at less than 10% of occupancy under this plan.

Mask or face covering consistent with Order of the Health Officer of the County of San Bernardino County for the Control of COVID-19 must be worn at all times.

Mt. Baldy’s mountain report is claiming that ski conditions are “as good as it gets for April”.

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