“Before I got infected and everything, I was like, ‘Dang it, I’m so bummed these ski resorts are getting shut down. My season’s over!’ But now if you look at the big picture it’s like, “Man, I wish they shut down earlier.”

23-year-old Matt Newey was on a ski trip to Steamboat Springs the weekend of March 13th when he believes he contracted COVID-19.11News reports Newey left Colorado for home in Utah Sunday. By Tuesday, he was feeling foggy-headed and weak.

“The only symptoms I had at that point was a really bad headache and muscle aches. I tested positive and I was just in shock. My heart was pounded and I just started recollecting, ‘Who have I been in contact with?'”

Every single one of his friends he had been skiing with Steamboat ended up testing positive for the virus. They believe they contracted it on that trip. While Newey was sick, he suffered headaches, weakness, difficulty breathing, and also lost his sense of taste.

“I just ate a whole lemon and didn’t even pucker.”

He’s been approved to leave quarantine and is now spending his time helping his at-risk neighbors with errands so they don’t have to go out in public. At 23, Newey wants to remind young people that they are not immune to the virus or serious symptoms from it:

“People my age, young adults, we’re not invincible for this. We can be a vehicle for the virus that may eventually spread to our loved ones.”

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