Breckenridge Moose Euthanized After Stomping Local Woman

Breckenridge Moose Euthanized After Stomping Local Woman


Breckenridge Moose Euthanized After Stomping Local Woman


A Colorado woman was rushed to the hospital Saturday evening after getting stomped by a moose in the Peak Seven neighborhood in Breckenridge. CBS Denver reports two bull moose spent most of the day in a yard, that evening the moose were still there when the unidentified woman came out of a home and tried to “guide the moose away” so some other people could leave the area.

The young bull moose turned on the woman, knocked her down and trampled her. She suffered broken bones in the attack. The moose was put down which is protocol if a person is attacked and injured. Colorado Parks and Wildlife are currently investigating the attack and it’s unclear if the woman will face any charges for approaching the animal.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton had this advice about moose encounters when he spoke with Summit Daily about the recent incident:

“If you bumped into your 900-pound drunk, angry neighbor, what would be the way you would handle that? You would give them some distance. That’s the best way to handle a moose. Social distancing is always a good idea with moose. We may be practicing it now for other people, but social distancing with moose is always a good idea. They’re the original founders of social distancing.”

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