Mikaela Shiffrin Shares Self-quarantine Workout Video

Mikaela Shiffrin Shares Self-quarantine Workout Video


Mikaela Shiffrin Shares Self-quarantine Workout Video


Image: Mikaela Shiffrin Facebook 

Mikaela Shiffrin’s self-quarantine has not stopped her from getting her workouts in. So take some inspiration and some workout tips from the Olympian as you shelter in place.

With so many people in self-isolation right now, I’ve seen a lot of really cool workout ideas circulating online and on social media, and I thought I’d share the workout I did yesterday! Explanation below with substitution ideas if you don’t have any equipment. Of course, every time you see a workout vid out there, use your best judgment on your own comfort level and ability. The most important thing is that everyone stays safe. There’s no need to get hurt at home doing any of these workouts, especially when hospital care and resources are so limited. With that said, enjoy! 🏋🏼‍♂️💪🚴🏼‍♀️

Set 1:
-Bike intervals: 30 sec. hard, 20 sec. rest x 5-10
-90º/90º hip openers with activation x 4-5 per side
-Plank row x 8 per side (try to keep everything solid, no twisting your hips or shifting weight)
-Dead bug SLOW x 5 per side (count to 3 each rep, with or without weight)
-Straight into full sit-ups SLOW x 10 (my strength coach would say “savor it!”, lower back to the ground slowly and with control, with or without weight)
-Pull-ups x as many as you can do. (if you aren’t able to do one, you can use a chair to start at the top and then do slow-eccentric let-downs- try to count to 5 or 10 seconds as you let down.)
-Repeat ALL 2-3 times

Set 2:
-Sideways monster-band walks with scapula-stabilization x15 steps each direction
-Single-leg glute burners x 15 per side (with or without the band, stand on one leg with slight knee flexion and extend the other diagonally backward. Keep your lower back solid, the motion comes from your glutes/hips, not your back! Use a wall or pole etc. to assist with balance)
-Body-weight overhead squats x 15 (with or without band)
-Single-leg stair jumpers x 6 per side (drop down onto one leg fast, and then explode up from that same leg onto the step)
-Double-leg continues stair hops x 10 (jump up and down on the stair continuously.)
Optional bonus:
-Handstand push-ups x 6
-Handstand walk-outs x 4
-Repeat ALL 2-3 times (substitution detail in comments)

Substitution Ideas-
I’m thankful to have some equipment at my home, but obviously, not everyone has equipment available, i.e. a bike or pull-up bar.
-You can substitute a bike with jumping jacks, high knees (kind of like running in place but you alternate bringing your knees up to 90 degrees as fast as you can), or running sprints if you are able to go outside.
-If you have something that might substitute SAFELY as a pull-up bar then go for it, but you could also substitute these for another upper body exercise like push-ups.
-If you don’t have bands for the monster-walks and scap-stabilization, you can do an isometric wall-sit (literally sit against a wall with knees at 90º). Simultaneously hold your arms out to the side perpendicular to your body, palms facing forward, pushing your arms back against the wall, and make a snow-angel motion on the wall from perpendicular to hands above your head. (pull your shoulder blades back & down through the whole motion, as if you are trying to squeeze a pencil in between them)
-If you don’t have access to stairs that feel safe to do the jumps, substitute both the single leg and double leg stair work for a set of normal squat-jumps on a flat surface.
-The handstand work is not necessary at all, you could substitute this with more push-ups or your favorite arm/upper body exercise or just skip that altogether. I just find these to be a really great and fun way to work shoulder strength and stability- which in turn helps my posture and back stiffness tremendously.

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