Keystone Responds To Viral Speeding Ticket Video (Stands By Policy)

Keystone Responds To Viral Speeding Ticket Video (Stands By Policy)


Keystone Responds To Viral Speeding Ticket Video (Stands By Policy)


“Our point of view is that safety is a high priority for us. It’s our designated family ski trail, so that is one of the green runs on the mountain that we encourage beginners to go on, and we want them to feel comfortable and not have people skiing past them. We expect guests to maintain a speed no faster than the general flow of traffic.” -Loryn Roberson

You may have seen THIS POST from last week about YouTuber Johnathan Buckhouse who got popped by Keystone’s mountain safety team for speeding on a green and was ordered to complete a safety course within two weeks as a requirement of keeping their season pass privileges.

The Aspen Times reached out to get a statement about the incident from Keystone’s spokeswoman Loryn Roberson. Although Roberson wouldn’t comment on a specific passholder incident, she was willing to discuss the rationale behind heightened safety awareness on the beginner run Schoolmarm. Roberson emphasized that in a beginner area, skiers and snowboarders are expected to ride at a speed that makes beginners around them feel safe.

Buckhouse completed his safety course but maintains he was not in the wrong and resort staff overreacted.  The Aspen Times also made a point to mention that these types of infractions are predictable due to the flow of the traffic into the beginner zone:

“While Schoolmarm is a designated slow zone, the run often contains people with a wide range of skill levels because riders are funneled onto the area as one of the main ways to get to the Mountain House base area, especially in the early season when it is one of the first runs open.”

Here’s the video, what do you think:




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