With winter still months away, many of us skiers and riders are drooling imagining the snowy days ahead. Whether you have seen these clips a million times or never before, the 5 classic ski movie segments below are sure to get you hyped for the coming winter.

Blizzard of  Aahhh’s (Telluride):

Greg Stump’s classic 1988 ski movie continues to stand the test of time. While Rasta Stevie may not have held back the development of Telluride or their addition to the Epic Pass, this segment is pure stoke. Although ski style and technology have changed dramatically in the last 30 years, modern skiers will still get excited watching the Telluride segment from ‘The Blizzard of Aahhh’s’ as the stoke for powder and bumps remains the same. 

TB5 (Johan Olofsson):

In an era where every jump is higher and every gap is larger, this part from Totally Board 5 still packs a major WOW factor. Style is truly timeless and Johan lays down some of the cleanest, and fastest lines ever captured on camera. This part will make you want to sell everything and head in search of big mountain heli lines.    

All.I.Can (J.P. Auclair):

The late great J.P. Auclair was a pioneer of free skiing and created one of the sports most well conceived video segments. For all the kids who imagined skiing in their neighborhoods, turning everyday obstacles into features– J.P. brought the dream to life. Follow Auclair as he skis the streets top to bottom; jumping cars, sliding handrails and making it to the bottom just in time to catch the bus.

Stack Footy (Scott Stevens):

Watching ski and snowboard videos can seem to be an endless barrage of similar tricks in the same played out locations. Scott Stevens spent his career adding some much appreciated zaniness to the world of snowboarding. One foot tricks, unusual features and unmatched creativity make this a fun snowboard part to watch for anyone. Sometimes we all need a casual reminder that riding on snow is limitless and even the things we thought were previously impossible are in actuality– totally doable.   

Everyday is A Saturday (RIP CR Johnson):

An amazing trip to Retallack Lodge, BC unfortunately created this tribute to ski legend CR Johnson. This tribute segment from Poor Boyz Productions 2009 movie is a reminder why we all love to slide snow. Just three good friends casually crushing powder, bumping tunes and enjoying life. If this part can’t get you stoked for the winter that lays ahead, nothing will.

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