Grumpy's Bar = One Of The Greatest Après Bars In North America

Grumpy's Bar = One Of The Greatest Après Bars In North America


Grumpy's Bar = One Of The Greatest Après Bars In North America


What makes a great ski day? Some may say great snow, sunny skies, and no lift lines. I’d argue that the bar you go to from the slopes can make or break the day. If you’re going to be in Sun Valley this season you should check out Grumpy’s Bar, touted by major ski publications as quite possibly the best après bar in all of North America.

Grumpy’s started around Cinco de Mayo 1978 and has been a must-go destination in Ketchum, ID ever since. The thing I love about Grumpy’s is that it’s simple. The bar is known for “Burgers & Beer, not Steak & Lobster”, and frankly, that is my kind of place. Here’s what Grumpy’s website says about their establishment…

“It started as a place the workingman and local could come, have a beer and burger and not be bothered; you see Grumpy’s has never had a phone. Today, Grumpy’s is the favorite of locals and tourists alike. “We serve everyone from Tom Hanks to the Town Drunk,” a bartender was overheard saying.”

According to the bar’s owner, they literally can’t keep Tom Hanks out of Grumpy’s when he’s there on vacation…

I love the simplicity of Grumpy’s menu. Give me a schooner of beer and a burger after the slopes and I’ll be content. Also, can we talk about how you only have to spend $7 for 32 oz. of beer? Give me that all day! In talking with the owner of Grumpy’s, Pete Prekeges, he told me that their menu is also very accommodating. Grumpy’s now offers Beyond Burgers, ahi tuna, and salmon fillets for those who don’t necessarily want a traditional burger.

Grumpy’s is located conveniently right in downtown Ketchum which neighbors Sun Valley Resort. The bar is only a 7 min. drive from the mountain, making it a perfect spot after a day on the slopes. Pete was also telling me that it’s not uncommon for skiers and boarders to head to Grumpy’s mid-day for a bit to eat. A roughly 7 min. drive is justifiable to grab a famous burger from Grumpy’s.

I always seek out places like Grumpy’s in the ski towns I visit. I want a relaxed vibe, friendly locals, cheap beer, and good food. Pete also let me know that Grumpy’s stands alone from other Ketchum establishments with its decorations. Everything bolted to the walls holds a story that Pete or his other employees would be happy to tell you about.

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