This Wave Pool Design Can Support Up To 200 Surfers

This Wave Pool Design Can Support Up To 200 Surfers


This Wave Pool Design Can Support Up To 200 Surfers


“Our motto is everyone gets a break.”

Surf Lakes is looking to license out their proprietary design for their artificial wave generator. This is the official promo video to entice potential licensees. Kelly Slater’s revolutionary artificial wave may have Surf Lake beat on barrel quality and duration but can’t hold a candle to Surf Lake in terms of capacity (which at the end of the day is the money maker). Check it out:


Surf Lakes intends to licence the use of its 5 Waves technology and its operation within an area of exclusivity. Licensees will be responsible for finding suitable sites within their exclusivity zone. Many may already have land available if they are a theme park or hotel owner, a property developer or even a golf course or ski resort owner. Once a purchase and licence agreement is entered into with Surf Lakes, then construction can begin.Surf Lakes will provide the design of the licensee’s Surf Lake, the components of Surf Lakes’ technology (Concentric Wave Device or CWD), the expertise for assembly and installation, and advice in relation to operation. The Licensee will be responsible for sourcing their own building and construction team. Once construction and commissioning are complete and the Surf Lake is handed over, Surf Lakes will then provide 24/7 monitoring of the performance of the device, ongoing auditing of operations and maintenance and various other ancillary services to the licensee.

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