How To Make Backcountry Cocktails | 'Après in the Backcountry'

How To Make Backcountry Cocktails | 'Après in the Backcountry'


How To Make Backcountry Cocktails | 'Après in the Backcountry'


Photo Credit: Ian Fohrman

No Boundaries. It’s the epitome of backcountry skiing and riding. Defined by the ability to play outside and explore limitless terrain unburdened by trails and the shackles of large crowds. There is just nothing like it. The freedom is limitless, happiness is contagious and the result is a wealth of smiles all around.

It is a similar sense of contentment that joins people at après ski. A spirit of community that knows no limitations. There are no ability levels, no egos…no boundaries at après. When it comes to sharing stories over cocktails in a laid back atmosphere, there are only good times and deeper, more meaningful connections.

Founded on a love of the outdoors and building relationships, Breckenridge Distillery is no stranger to the unbridled world of adventure and community, two themes that they are elevating to unexplored heights with their new Après in the Backcountry campaign. 

Mixing Cocktails That Foster Community

Photo Credit: Ian Fohrman

Just in time for winter, Breckenridge Distillery, the world’s highest distillery, is announcing their Après in the Backcountry campaign. Their full-length video that was showcased at the Breckenridge Film Festival last month highlights the community, conversation, and connection that après ski creates, even in a backcountry hut.

Avid participants in the art of après ski, Breckenridge Distillery has embraced this social activity and its relevance to an active lifestyle. “Whether it’s sharing a cocktail at the ski lodge after a powder day, or deep in the back country, après is a time where memories are made and adventure is relived surrounded by friends and we are happy our spirits can be a part of it,” says Bryan Nolt, Founder and CEO of Breckenridge Distillery. So true that they are making it even easier for you to enjoy them, even when off piste. 

Make Sacrifices but Not With Your Drinks

Photo Credit: Ian Fohrman

Skiing and riding in the backcountry requires sacrifices but, in no way, should that include your choice of delicious post pow drinks. There is no doubt that it is tough to haul copious amounts of craft beer to a lodge in the woods, especially when you are skinning or hiking. So don’t. Breckenridge Distillery is encouraging you to elevate your cocktail experience while simultaneously keeping it simple. Purchase a bottle of your favorite Breckenridge spirit but avoid carrying the extra weight by transferring it to their custom vapur bladder. Then pack a small bottle of bitters, cinnamon sticks, dehydrated fruits or fruit rinds to garnish your favorite cocktail appropriately. Hell, you don’t even need ice! Just add some pure backcountry snow. 

Six Simple, Yet Easy Signature Breckenridge Distillery Cocktails.

In order to highlight their spirits, Breckenridge Distillery has created six easy cocktails to take your drinking experience to new elevations. Cocktails such as the snowball Old Fashioned, Backcountry Tea, and Hot Smoked Cider are sure to enhance the après ski experience. Tantalizing your taste buds they are the seeds of conversation and, as they say in the movie, “the grease that keeps the wheels spinning.” 


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