Canadian Man Fined $4,000 For Trying To Fight A Grizzly

Canadian Man Fined $4,000 For Trying To Fight A Grizzly


Canadian Man Fined $4,000 For Trying To Fight A Grizzly


“A truck pulled up and two gentlemen got out, started yelling at the bear and throwing rocks … then he took off his shirt and got in a boxing stance.”

You ever get so drunk you tried to fight an apex predator? If you’re a 35 year old dude from Saskatchewan named Devin Mitsuing, the answer is yes. This would just be a sensational headline if not for a roadside wildlife photographer who captured the 2015 incident on camera.

RMO Today reports Mitsuing exited his truck shirtless and apparently inebriated. He began shouting at the young grizzly while in a “boxing stance” for approximately five to 10 minutes before charging at it, startling it to run back into the bush. A couple of nearby photographers took pictures of the incident and phoned it into the RCMP.

Mitsuing was eventually located after RCMP officers were called to Radium Hot Springs with reports of a disturbance. After finding Mitsuing and his friends at the hot springs too intoxicated to drive, RCMP impounded the vehicle and dropped the group off at a local hotel.

Mitsuing was found guilty for disturbing wildlife in a national park and fined  $4,000 for his dumbassery. Unquestionably he got off easy because if that griz decided to take on his offer for a fight this Canadian hothead would have been mincemeat.

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