This chart from shows the breakdown of how much ski instructors are making around the world. Pretty sad that instructors in the United States make the same as the starting hourly wages for workers at Target.

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But how about France where experienced ski instructors pull in $65 per hour. I guess that’s why France is probably the only country in the world where “skier” is a respected profession by the mainstream.

Here is a bit more of a breakdown from on US ski instructors pay.


Wages seem to differ between the resorts throughout America. On the east coast, the resorts in Vermont pay around $15 for a Level 1 instructor and $20 for a Level 2 instructor. In Aspen instructors will the same qualifications can earn $23 and $28 per hour respectively. But further west in the Californian resorts, the rates drop again a little to between $15 and $20. Again, many instructors’ seasons will stand or fall on the amount of tips they receive.


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