Tasmanian Ski Resort For Sale ($1,750,000 AUD)

Tasmanian Ski Resort For Sale ($1,750,000 AUD)

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Tasmanian Ski Resort For Sale ($1,750,000 AUD)


“7 lifts to be sold as a going concern. Fully compliant and ready to go. This extremely rare opportunity to capture the booming Tasmanian tourist market. Winter and summer tourism icon – Ben Lomond is position perfect and spectacular in every sense.”

Here’s an incredible opportunity to buy an entire ski resort for what some luxury mountain homes go for (albeit somewhat off the beaten path). Ben Lemond Ski Field is a tiny resort on the island of Tasmania and you could own it for $1,750,000 AUD ($1,189,000 USD). The deal includes 7 lifts and appears to be a turnkey opperation. If you’re serioiusly interested or just a nosey lookylou GO HERE.


  images from commercialrealestate.com.au

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