Have You Ever Heard of Wake-Skiing?

Have You Ever Heard of Wake-Skiing?


Have You Ever Heard of Wake-Skiing?


Just when you think you’re aware of every conceivable ski-related sport you get t-boned by something that’s existed for well over a decade. This is Wake Skiing and its just how it sounds. Basically chubby little water skis that you can hit rails and jumps with much like a wakeboard. Looks super fun and deceptively hard:

Here’s a longer clip of a crew of wake skiers hitting up different cable parks in Bavaria:

Here’s how wake ski maker HO Sports pitches the sport:

“Do you ever get jealous of watching all the wake boarders flip, spin and press their way through a cable park? We at HO Skis do as well! We’ve witnessed the explosion of freestyle snow skiing in the terrain parks at our home snow ski mountains and think it is about time that trend is carried onto the water. It is this dream that was the inspiration for our 2018 Cable Collective of water riding devices! Freestyle and First-Timer sets of skis and kneeboards built with the latest and greatest cable specific constructions, so now you can enjoy the cable experience like your wake brethren.”


  • 140cm In Length
  • Freestyle Water Skis for Cable Park Riding
  • Compatible With Wakeboard Boots
  • Sintered Enduro Base For Durability On Features
  • 360 Degree ABS Sidewall
  • Continuous Rocker for Easy Forward or Backward Riding
  • Flat Base for No Hang-Ups on Rails & Kickers
  • 45 Degree Micro Edge Bevel

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