Fox9 in Minnesota reported last week on a group of veterans that has turned to Wake Surfing for coping with life after service.

They participate in an organization called “Wake for Warriors”. The organization was created by Dave Deep to help remove veterans from the troubles and challenges they experience daily.

For Veteran Mike Nelson, wake surfing has become a way to relax and enjoy himself, despite his injuries sustained while serving in the military. He said:

“I’ve had multiple brain injuries due to falls and blasts. Lost my vision due to that and have constant pain in my head that can get worse at times.”

Wake surfing can take some of that pain away from Mike. Turns out that he is a pretty damn good surfer too. Pro wake surfer Jodi Grassman had praise for Mike’s ability to surf with little to no vision. She said:

“I can’t imagine just going out there and closing my eyes to just stand there to feel the wave, and know how to go back and forth between the waves and carve at the same time… it’s unreal.”

Check out Wake for Warriors website to learn more about their awesome mission.

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