Reuters is reporting four-time NBA champion Tony Parker and current teammate on the Charlotte Hornets, Nicolas Batum, bought two ski resorts in the southern French Alps.  The two French players along with former French female basketball-player Marie-Sophie Obama bought a 76.9% stake in SEVLC, a local company that runs two ski resorts in Villard-de-Lans and Correncon-en-Vercors in the southern French Alps.

Parker puts his chances at retiring vs. playing another season at 50/50. At 36 Parker acknowledges he is in the final stage of his 17 year basketball career and the investment in the ski resorts is part of a move to prepare his retirement:

“People from female basketball told me about this opportunity. I saw there it was possible to do something nice and I am always curious. It’s not like there is a ski resort on sale every day. When I’ll retire this summer or the next, I’ll have more time to see what we can do here. ” -Tony Parker

Local authorities are hoping Parker’s celebrity status will make the resort more popular and help bring more tourists. Parker is currently barred from skiing per his NBA contract but he said his wife and children are avid skiers.

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