When you think of towing a camper trailer you probably don’t think of blasting through river beds or rolling through remote deserts but you probably haven’t seen Bruder Trailers built in Australia. Their built to handle all types of off-road conditions and they are cool just to look at. Not sure what it would take to get one stateside but these badboys are very intriguing.  EXPLORE HERE.

“Enjoy optimum comfort, space and practicality. Every feature of the EXP-6 is designed to make your camping experience a dream, using premium materials and craftmanship.

Our carefully considered design gives you greater flexibility, such as having two-way access to cooking and your pantry from inside or outside. Whether you are traveling solo, as a couple or with the family, the EXP-6 can be tailored to suit your needs.

Our state-of-the-art cabin management system allows you to monitor and control all aspects of the EXP-6, either via the digital internal touch screen or remotely from outside via a tablet. Control lights, suspension height and pre-save your favourite setup, tailored to you.

Unique to Bruder, the EXP-6 has over 11inches of useable suspension adjustability, which is nearly three times more than any other trailer. Use this suspension system to lower the EXP-6 for easy access in or out, raise or lower the kitchen to your ideal height, or level out uneven terrain.

Drift to sleep gazing at the stars through the window above the master bed. Your personal items are always within easy reach with storage areas and charging outlets located conveniently around the master bed, along with dedicated book storage. Sweet dreams…”

images from https://bruderx.com/

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