“No dog, no drone, ton of fun event.” -Duffy Counsell

Race organizers for a ski-joring event in Leadville are asking spectators to leave their drones and dogs at home. This comes after a 2017 ski-joring accident at an event in Silverton when a horse flew off course and trampled 3 spectators. Those injured in the crowd are suing and blame a drone that was flying during the event for spooking the horse. So if you plan on being in the crowd for the Leadville event leave the DJI and DOG at home. Nuff said:

MARCH 1-3, 2019

At the 2019 Leadville Ski Joring and Crystal Carnival Weekend, see the unique sport of ski joring and join mountain bike and Nordic ski races, a paintball biathlon, and umpteen other kinds of winter fun! MORE INFO HEREimages from leadvilleskijoring.us/