“The worlds first hi-tech winter hat that protects your hairstyle! Finally! Cold Weather And Cool Hairstyle CAN Go Together.”

Check out this new Kickstarter product designed to protect your hair while staying warm. The Hairkules ($49) exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is going into production. There’s still 31 days left in the campaign so there’s plenty of time to put in an order HERE:

“Wintertime and hairstyle – they don’t really go together! We found a real problem with winter hats and hairstyle. 

Choosing between looking good and staying warm might not have been a real choice.  Till yesterday, because now we have great news for you: we found a way to help you keep your hairstyle while wearing a winter hat.

That’s why we created Hairkules – a high-tech winter hat with an integrated mesh system that provides a distance between your hat and your hairstyle and is the first winter cap that protects your hairstyle.”

Explore Hairkules funding options here

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