What is ultimate convenience worth to you? Is it worth $660 for a set of tire chains that install in under a minute? If you’ve ever struggled getting your chains on before going over a pass with tire restrictions (or paid a dude in an orange all-weather jumpsuit an exorbitant price to do it for you) you’ll appreciate the ease and speed these bad boys clip on.  Pricey for sure but damn nifty:


Why is the Spikes-Spider product better than chains?
Adding the Spikes-Spider traction elements:

  • After installing the hub on the two drive wheels in the warmth of your garage before going up to the snow country, you can put on both traction elements in less than a minute for both, total time.
  • You don’t have to get down in the snow to put them on and get wet and dirty.
  • The traction elements are even easier to remove-just stop the vehicle, unsnap the holding ring and pull them away from the top of the tire and drive off of them and put them back in the carrying case. Here again in less than a minute total time.
  • No confusing jumble of chains and you can put these on in the dark if necessary.
  • No part of the Spikes-Spider touches the wheel, so there is nothing to mar your wheels.
  • See Videos.

Putting on chains:

  • When you get them out of your vehicle, you have a jumble of chains to separate and untangle.
  • You have to kneel down in the snow and in some cases, lay down in the snow and mud to attach them on the back of the tires.
  • Then you have to add a tightening band to keep them from flapping around.
  • You sure cannot put them on in a short time.
  • The links can break and mar your wheels and hit your under-carriage.

The “Compact” style is the newest style of SPIKES-SPIDER®:

  • Has eight or nine (depending on the size) traction arms. Each arm has tungsten carbide studs embedded in the traction surface.
  • The traction arms can be moved slightly to avoid the ground to put them on quickly and easily, once the steel hubs have been installed on two drive wheels.
  • The arms fold down or can easily be removed from the center holding ring for storage, so they do not take up as much room in your vehicle as the Quick style.
  • The Compact style traction ovals, that go around the tire have some adjustment-for adjustment ranges see the tables, Spider Sizes vs. Tire Sizes. Each size Compact style has a Small “S” and Large “L” adjustment using a cam that is easy to turn.
  • Appropriate for use on ice and snow up to 5″-6″ in depth.
  • Appropriate for use on moderate grades and slopes.

images from spikes-spider.co

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