Banff National Park is easily one of the most stunning national parks in the whole world | Photo: LASZLO ILYES | Cover: Larry Kwan

For Yankees en route to skiing Banff, an unexpected stop awaits– a national park entrance complete with park ranger. If you’re lucky, that same friendly “parkie” will gift you a hearty, “howdy!” as you put the pedal down and head up the Bow Valley and into skier nirvana.

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First time visitors from the USA will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that some of Canada’s best skiing is supported within the country’s national park system. Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, Mt Norquay, as well a myriad of backcountry opportunities exist within Banff National Park’s 1,640,960 acre domain. That proximity between developed skiing and vast expanses of pure wilderness creates an atmosphere like no other.

“Discover the makings of a fairytale, with castles, châteaux and hamlets nestled amongst the storied peaks of Canada’s first National Park. And venture into a majestic, unspoiled wilderness where carved trails, chutes, bowls and long, rolling runs elevate skiing and riding to a dream-like experience.”

Inside each of the SkiBig3 resorts exist places and vistas that would require massive approaches through deep snow at any national park within the USA. In Canada on the other hand, a wild, winter-centric national park experience is just a chairlift ride away.

Banff National Park Facts:

  • Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, and Mt Norquay all lie within park boundaries
  • 1.6+ million acres of backcountry to explore
  • Canada’s oldest national park (*134 years old)
  • Banff National Park is also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • 10 classic peaks whose summits exceed 11,000′ elevation
  • The highest mountain in the park is Mt. Assiniboine (*11,870′)

Note: Those exploring within park boundaries are subject to Parks Canada fees and charges.

And when riding chairlifts and exploring the backcountry has the ole legs begging for a break, go line scouting on the Icefields Parkway before hitting up the Banff’s world-famous Upper Hot Spring.”

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