Mad River Glen is rolling back the price of daily lift tickets from $39 to $3.50 for today. Their “Roll Back the Clock Day” has been happening on the last Tuesday in January every season for the past 30 years. The deep discount reflects the price of lift tickets when the opened in 1949 (kinda like a $1.50 Costco hotdog/beverage). Their mantra is “SKI IT IF YOU CAN” so raid that piggy bank and head out to Waitsfield: 

“In an age of $200 lift tickets Mad River Glen, America’s only skier-owned mountain is celebrating their 70th Anniversary by rolling back prices to the 1949 price of a mere $3.50, REALLY!

Celebrate MRG’s 70th Anniversary on Tuesday January 29 and take advantage of the best ski value in existence. That’s right, you can buy a lift ticket for $3.50 – that’s only 14 quarters, heck you could probably find that on the floor of your car or in between the cushions of your couch!

Roll Back the Clock Day has been going on the last Tuesday in January every season for the past 30 years. This rendition has added significance as the legendary mountain celebrates 70 years of memories.

Beyond the ridiculously inexpensive skiing it is also Ski Vermont’s Vermont Specialty Foods Day where skiers can sample some of the best food that local producers have to offer and when the day is done come on in and enjoy the musical stylings of Lowell Thompson & Brett Hughes who’ll be rocking General Stark’s Pub.”

images from Mad River FB

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