June Mountain saw 3.3 Feet out of the latest storm… | Photo: June Mountain | Cover: Mammoth Mountain

#StokeLevel remains high in the Sierra as #MotherNature did not disappoint with the latest round of snow, wind, and weather.

The last round of weather was not a small system by any stretch of the imagination. The National Weather Service has only issued four Blizzard warnings since 2008.

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Snow totals from Mammoth Mountain up to CostaNorte’s Sugar Bowl were impressive. From coast to coast, Lake Tahoe resorts are reporting impressive accumulation totals, varying from 2.2′ to 7′ of new snow depending on location, elevation, and aspect.

Summit snow totals were particularly impressive. However, the makeup of the snow was a mixed bag as #MotherNature delivered a wild ride of temperatures, winds, and consistency– with each band of accumulation that crossed the Sierra.

The Lake Tahoe region sporting a 119% of its SWE | Image: USDA

Overall the totals at resort summits and the surrounding the Sierra crest have put us back on track with the snow-pack now close to 119% season to date.

Reported resort storm totals:

  • MammothMtn – 7’
  • Squaw Valley – 6’
  • Sugar Bowl – 5’
  • Alpine Meadows – 4.5′
  • Bear Valley – 4.3’
  • Sierra-at-Tahoe – 4’
  • KirkwoodMtn – 3.6’
  • Northstar – 3.3’
  • June Mountain – 3.3′
  • HeavenlyMtn – 2.2′

With this reload and refresh, Mother Nature is setting up the season and our base perfectly. Base reads around the Sierra now range anywhere from 30″ up to 60″ depending on elevation and location. By comparison, last year at this time KirkwoodMtn was sporting a meager 16″ to 19″ base #LowTide.

To sum it all up, it’s game on in the Sierra. From China Peak, up to MammothMtn and over to June Mtn, from Bear Valley, up to Sugar Bowl and everything in-between– the shredding is quality.

Next up, another round of weather straight ahead, NWS has issued a Winter Storm Watch that will go into effect January 20th, @10a through January 21st, @4a. NWS forecast models have snow levels in the 7000′ to 8000′ range with a spread of 8″ to 14″ at elevation. As always, we will wait, watch and see where #MotherNature lands and what she will bless us with as we near the end of January.

Stay Tuned and Stay Thirsty my friends,

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