Six years later. Armada presents “Wreckanize”, the sequel to Mike Hornbeck’s first mini movie, “Wreckallections”.

Mike Hornbeck has never been a skier to shy away from his roots, the Michigan native is proud to claim the Mid-West as home, and credits the lack of big mountains or epic powder snow as the foundation of his career. A true OG in the free skiing community, the new mini-movie does an excellent job of mashing classic clips, interviews and current day urban tricks.

‘Wreckanize’ is a poignant reminder that you don’t need burly mountains or much snow at all to get creative on skis. Hornbeck takes advantage of what that Mid-West has to offer ripping terrain parks and utilizing unique street features along the way. Even at 31-years old Hornbeck shows no signs of slowing down, and his passion for skiing is healthier than many kids half his age.

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