The slide in question | Photo: Flathead Avalanche Center

A active winter weather pattern took its toll on backcountry locations across the North American West this past week with Choteau, MT being the latest to experience an avalanche-related fatality.

Teton County Sheriff was the first to report the incident, which occurred near Teton Pass, MT. The Great Falls Tribune is reporting that the man, 35 year-old, Eric Greyn was riding with 3 others when the slide released. The victim was not wearing an avalanche beacon at the time.

“The avalanche was a persistent slab, unintentionally triggered by a snowmobiler. It failed 1 to 5 feet deep on a faceted crust layer near the ground. It was a hard slab, ~2000 feet wide and large enough to destroy a car or wood frame house (D3).”Flathead Avalanche Center

Search and rescue personnel responded to the scene shortly after receiving word of the avalanche. They reached the victim and performed CPR while waiting for a helicopter to evacuate Greyn. They then transported him to a nearby hospital where he died from trauma related to the avalanche.

Avalanche Details:

  • Trigger: Snowmobile
  • Type: Hard Slab
  • Category – D3

*Our deepest condolences go out to the victim’s friends and family

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