Yosemite Valley | Photo: Diliff | Cover: Kārlis Dambrāns

While Americans across the country remain disgusted at our dysfunctional government for its shutdown, the real nasty shit is happening at 2 national parks in California.

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Since the shutdown, employees responsible for cleaning toilets at Joshua Tree and Yosemite National Parks were put on leave and as such, the fecal matter is stacking up higher than our national debt.

“The park is being forced to take this action for health and safety concerns as vault toilets reach capacity.” – NPS Statement

According to the New York Daily News, Yosemite tourists had even taking to stacking mud on the roadside since all the public toilets are currently closed. That resulted in park officials closing the Hetch Hetchy area as well as Mariposa Grove. Areas within Joshua National Park such as Indian Cove and Lost Horse Mine saw similar closures.

If you thought there was hope for a clean and easy start to 2019, this is your reality check– the new year is already shit…

Find the entire New York Daily News article here: Yosemite National Park partially closes after visitors poop on road during government shutdown

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