Bogotá Opens Mass Transport Cable Car

Bogotá Opens Mass Transport Cable Car


Bogotá Opens Mass Transport Cable Car


Bogotá, Colombia has officially opened it’s first urban cable-car linking an impoverished and crime-ridden neighborhood to the city’s transport network.

The city’s mayor, Enrique Penalosa announced the opening of TransMiCable, a 3.5-kilometer (two-mile) that is capable of transporting up to 3,600 passengers an hour in each direction. It is the first mass transport cable car in the city.

The cable-car was built by a partnership between a local firm and the Austrian-Swiss Doppelmayr. It cost 240,000 million pesos ($73 million USD).

A ride will cost 2,300 pesos (70 cents) in each direction.

Other Latin American capitals such as Caracas, La Paz or Mexico City have similar transportation services.


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