Sadly the United States saw its first avalanche related fatality of the  2018-2019 yesterday. A 31-year old male was buried and killed when his snowmobile triggered a soft slab avalanche south of Jackson in the Wyoming Range.

Preliminary reports from the scene indicate that two snowmobile riders were traveling together in the North Fork Horse Creek Drainage at around 9,150 feet when they triggered the slide. Although the avalanche was relatively small, with the crown estimated to be between 14-22 inches, one rider was buried under his sled which contributed to his death.

Avalanche Details:

  • Trigger: Snowmobile (AM)
  • Path: Horse Creek Drainage Zone: 309
  • Elevation: 9153 Aspect: 
  • Starting zone slope angle: 31-35
  • Type: Soft Slab
  • Relative Size: 1 Destructive Size: 1.0 Depth: 22

Experts from the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center will examine the site further to learn more about this avalanche and hope to remind those traveling in the back country to always; get the gear, get the training, get the forecast, get the picture and stay out of harms way!

*Unofficial Networks sends out our condolences to the victim’s family and friends.

Find the entire avalanche report here: Horse Creek Avalanche

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