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Mike Powell has spent the last 2 years, developing and releasing a recurring podcast with some of action sport’s biggest stars. After 99 weekly episodes, the Powell Movement has chronicled the adventures and lives of skiers, snowboarders, skaters, photographers and skydivers. What was once an ambitious side-project for the ex-K2 employee, the podcast is now Powell’s main project and a great listen for your workday or doing chores.

WATCH: Tanner Hall Popping Bottlez…

For the 100th episode of The Powell Movement, Mike recruited one of skiing’s most popular and polarizing stars, Tanner Hall. In the last 20 years, Hall has dominated the world of freeskiing, constantly reinventing the sport while winning contests and producing award-winning video parts.

Hall is a fascinating guest for the podcast, both for his lengthy ski career and also for his famously strong opinions. No topics are off the table for this interview, as Hall openly discusses sponsors, partying, arrests and injuries.

Tanner has publicly faced his own personal struggles throughout the past decade, but this podcast will leave you inspired with the determination and passion for skiing that Hall clearly has never forgotten.

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