Pro Cody Townsend Explains “The Marketing Turn”

Pro Cody Townsend Explains “The Marketing Turn”


Pro Cody Townsend Explains “The Marketing Turn”


Pro skier Cody Townsend provided his Instagram followers an interesting, behind-the-scenes look at the making of powder porn this week by breaking down what’s called the “one turn wonder” or “marketing turn.”

We’re all familiar with this photo from resorts’ social media accounts. A lone skier, choking on chest deep powder, cuts a flawless turn in front of a picturesque backdrop. Usually, they’re meant to prove epic conditions at the resort in question.

While Cody’s post may take a bit of the magic out of the marketing turn for those of us not in the biz, it’s also a helpful reminder for desk jockeys that social media is not real life, and only the best (if staged) moments make the timeline. From Townsend’s post:

…a vast majority of pow shots you see consist of gathering a lot of speed, potentially even packing out an in run to get as much speed as possible, straightlining down, and then trenching in for one turn in a preordained location in front of the camera.

For better or for worse, now you know…

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