The reaction… | Photo: Christian Newton | Cover: Doug Bowman

Patrons of the The Rusty Shovel Bar & Grill confirmed this morning that new-to-town seasonal ski instructor, Billy French revealed his most intimate plans to ski ‘The Widowmaker Colouir’ last evening. According to those same sources, French claimed he would ski the line, “First thing, tomorrow morning.”

Rusty Shovel bartender Ricky McGinnis says he was forced to cut off the 21 year-old immediately upon his arrival to the bar. “The kid had apparently been boozin pretty hard all night at the Cowpoke Bar just down the street,” expressed the local barkeeper.

Luckily, one of French’s friends was there to inform the bartender of the situation. McGinnis recalls the friend urged him to, “please don’t give Billy anything to drink or he’s gonna say something real stupid.”

Those fears were confirmed some 5 minutes later after McGinnis was forced to inform French that he would not fulfill his order for 6 shots of Rumpleminze.

Feeling his manhood questioned, French shot back saying, “Oh yeah, well I don’t need your shots anyway– I’m gonna ski the Widowmaker first thing, tomorrow morning.”

The comment reportedly drew eye rolls from the entire bar and not surprisingly, an old-timer at the end of the bar had something to say about the claim.“That kid’ll ski the widowmaker tomorrow… Yeah, and I’ll quit drinking right now.”

Feeling dejected yet determined, French shook off those comments and stumbled home, determined to get up the next morning and accomplish the plans he’d let out of the bag earlier in the evening.

The next morning, Billy French’s roommate’s confirmed that those plans had indeed failed. “Yeah,  you could say he’s neck-deep right now– neck-deep in the porcelain bowl.”

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