Everybody be on the lookout for the pieces of gear pictured below in Boulder and the surrounding area. The items belonging to a member of the Front Range Rescue Dogs were stolen on The Hill near the base of Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder. They may turn up on the second hand market or on the back of the sleaze that stole it.  If you have any info please contact your local law enforcement agency:

“Friends, please be on the lookout for some gear that was stolen from a FRRD member last night (10/26). The incident occurred on the Hill in Boulder near the base of Flagstaff Mtn. Along with the pictured FRRD owned (and marked) items were a number of personal items and climbing gear.If you happen to see any of this gear, especially the FRRD jacket, please record appropriate information and contact local law enforcement and FRRD. Thank you for your support.”

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